You may ask yourself, once the “Fortress Europe” will finally be erased from History, what will be left here, for us. Maybe dust and sand, unawareness and anxiety in days and months without a name. Beyond the social, juridical and political order enhanced during centuries by Europe, starting from the roman civitas to the medieval Respublica, and to the modern national State, we don’t see any new order nor any political paradigm which will be concretely be able to regulate the complex society in which we actually live in.

Without the coherent elaboration of a new political and legal framework to comprehend the sociological processes presently set in motion, we can not just call the future disorder in melodious ways, like flexibility, dynamism, and even “Erasmus generation”. So, after the “Fortress Europe”, there will not be a new Europe waiting, and to be raised as the new model of a globalized world. After Europe, no more Europe, and no more social regulations.

You may ask yourself, once the “Fortress Europe” will be just a fading memory, what we will be believing in, eventually. Believing in Europe we believed in Christ and Christendom, in Law and Justice, in Reason and Science, and in all those things that have made remarkable our society in front of the world.

Yet too much we have apologized for errors and mistakes we did not made, and too much even now we bow our head in front of enemies and invaders, in front of those who explicitly hate our society and that we believe in. So, after Europe, there will not be the shrine of a new knowledge and the temple of a superior scientific consciousness. After Europe, and after the fall of our principles, our laws and our tradition, there will be the mist of our identity, and thus the loss of our culture. After Europe, no more Europe, nor culture, nor faith, nor tradition.

You may ask yourself, finally, once the “Fortress Europe” will be fallen, where we will go, at the end. In the globalized world, with no borders and no more walls, we may feel the seduction of a false conception of liberty and freedom, and we may think that, in the new world, we will finally be able to go wherever we want, finding a Motherland in every place where we will be, speaking the language of Babel, and living the loves of the exiled and the fugitives.

But in the world without borders, there will be no more walls, and without walls there will be no more Motherlands, no more States and towns, and cities, and communities. And we will be wake up, one day, without even knowing who we are, and who we have been before. So after Europe, no more Europe, and no more places.

After Europe, after our Europe, there will be no Europeans to defend it. Or, otherwise, without the Europeans, there will be nothing more to defend.