The greater triumph of our enemies, in the last decades, has been reached on the field of language. It is difficult to understand how much words can dominate and shape an entire world. In particular, this concerns the progressive identification between beauty and size.

A large city, a massive bulk of followers, a strong drink, a big car. Big is beautiful, right, respectable. The crowd rules merely on a quantitative basis. The enemy, therefore, up to date has succeeded in creating a bridge between quantity – its natural place – and quality. The assault to quality will be the final battle of our times. How could we resist?

The greater error our enemies are expecting from us is that we will play this game with their same rules. Quantity is invulnerable on the material ground: the mathematical sum of its soldiers will always outclass our forces. This is the basic reason why the simple use of massive propaganda will unlikely put us on the same position of our enemies.

Nevertheless, at the foundations of the Great Bridge, we can find a crack. Quality can survive also in a single unit: genus numquam perit. Quantity, instead, needs a continuous overflow of energy and words to keep its rule. We have to keep a seed inside us: the seed of awareness, that can germinate on lands that quantity cannot reach.

Each of us have to live in an hostile world, that is a world dominated by Quantity: working, travelling, buying, all the actions of our life suffer from the economic view that has been impressed to our society. But there is a last fortress that cannot be conquered.

This fortress is inside us: the awareness that quantity and economy are not the only glasses through which we can watch reality.

Preserving differences, traditions, special moments, solidarity with our people, avoiding to share every single minute of our life with the crowd, these are the weapons that could let us prevail. Stand up and fight for quality: this is the last chance we have.